JNAT is the website for John Nicholls who has been teaching the Alexander Technique for nearly 50 years and has supervised the training of over 100 teachers.

What is the Alexander Technique?

John Nicholls Alexander Training, NYCThe Alexander Technique re-organizes patterns of chronic tension that have unconsciously become a fixed part of how we move, breathe, and act in the world. Rather than attempting to directly relax all tensions in the body, or trying to disperse the tensions by vigorous exercise, Alexander recognized that by consciously addressing the primary coordination of postural support, movement and breathing, tension could be transformed into available, coherent energy. Read more>>

What are its Benefits?

People have Alexander lessons for a variety of reasons. Some come with physical ailments, e.g. neuromuscular or joint problems, bad backs, breathing difficulties or tension problems. Others come simply because having Alexander lessons makes them feel better. Read more>>

Click here to watch a video about some of the benefits.

“When an investigation comes to be made, it will be found that every single thing we are doing in this work is exactly what is being done in Nature where the conditions are right, the difference being that we are learning to do it consciously.” – F.M. Alexander

East West Parallels

Interested in a western practice for mindfully developing a harmonious coordination of movement linked with raising and refining levels of consciousness? Read more>>

How is it Taught?

The technique is typically taught on an individual basis. It is also offered in group classes, however the work remains best supported by a course of private lessons. As with the learning of any skill, duration of study depends upon your initial condition and your personal goals.

“You can’t do something you don’t know if you keep on doing what you do know.” – F.M. Alexander