“I must pay a special tribute to John Nicholls who has given much thought into how the insights produced by Alexander and the first generation of teachers can be translated into more easily understood concepts and practices for students.”

Sean Carey, author of Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity

“In the late 1980’s I looked at five Alexander teacher training programs in London in order to attend. The Carrington’s CTC offered me a place but I had to go on a three year waiting list, so Dilys Carrington advised me to consider John Nicholls’ recently opened school in Brighton. Despite having to commute from London to Brighton daily in my first year and weekly for the last two, I had absolutely no regrets at having made that choice. I could not have made a better choice. John Nicholls explains and teaches the Technique in the clearest way I have ever encountered in my journey. His inspiring teachings, alongside those of Walter Carrington, have always been the North Star of my path. I’m ever so grateful to them and to Dilys for that advice!”

Reinaldo Renzo, architect, singer, actor, theatre director, and founder and director of the first Alexander teacher training program in Brazil: Técnica Alexander: Pensar Em Atividade, in Sao Paulo.

“It is a great pleasure to have the opportunity to give something back to the Alexander Technique in small return for everything I have received from it over the years… I have had the hands of many an Alexander teacher on me over the succeeding years and currently am blessed by having John Nicholls as my essential support in New York.”

Kristin Linklater, world renowned voice teacher and author of Freeing the Natural Voice.

“I wanted to thank you for the incredible experience you gave me, it was a before and after, a real inside out.”

Lira  Fernández-Davila, Madrid 2018

“We both wanted to express just how grateful we are for the time spent working with you. It really has been a life-changing experience. there are so many phenomenal improvements the Alexander Technique has brought into our lives: the day-to-day deepening of our understanding of our bodies; the discovery of a meditation technique that really works; and, of course, the enormous growth we’ve experienced in our work as actors.”

Alex Kramer and Dana Drori, New York based actors.

“I have been a student of John Nicholls for over ten years. Even today, each lesson with John reveals myriad possibilities for exploration in the journey towards integration and openness, and as a singer I have found his understanding of breathing to be essential. Without doubt John is one of the great master teachers of the Alexander Technique, but even among this very elite group he is outstanding in his ability to guide his students with the utmost clarity and sensitivity.”

Jean McClelland, performer and teacher of voice and the Alexander Technique

“I started having Alexander Technique lessons with John Nicholls when I had my second frozen shoulder, repetitive stress injuries in my forearms, thoracic outlet syndrome on both sides, and an old martial arts injury in my lower back. I left every lesson feeling less discomfort in my body, calmer, and more hopeful in general. My lessons helped me breathe more easily and feel that I could find a new, healthier, less harmful way to be in my body. Having trained as a dancer (and taught Pilates and Gyrotonics from a biomechanical perspective), as well as now working at a desk under high pressure for many long hours as an attorney, I am not easily convinced or wooed by new movement or body training techniques. John teaches fundamentals that are universally applicable to every body and that serve as an important foundation in the optimal use of every individual, whether they be dancer or office worker. Lessons with John may seem surprisingly straightforward and uncomplicated, but are actually a very effective foundation for posture– not as a fixed position, but as a living, dynamic and integrated way of inhabiting one’s own body. The impact of lessons on me has been cumulative and subtle, but very deep.”

Cindi K, attorney


Review I of teachers workshops in Melbourne, Australia
Published in AUSTAT Journal May 2015

Review II of teachers workshops in Melbourne, Australia
by Megan Taylor, May 2015