John Nicholls Alexander TrainingInterested in a western practice for mindfully developing a harmonious coordination of movement linked with raising and refining levels of consciousness?

Throughout history many non-western cultures have developed physical disciplines fundamental to both human well being and the evolution of the human spirit.   The practice of linking mindful coordination of physical movement with raising and refining levels of consciousness found its western expression in the Alexander Technique in the late 1800’s.  The practical discoveries of Australian born F.M. Alexander were further developed by him in Britain and the US until his death in 1955.

The study and practice of the Alexander Technique are fundamental to moment to moment choices we make about how we express our embodied energy in the world.

In the daily acts of living discover a uniquely western approach to the:

  • Aligning and enhancing the flow of the up and down energies in the spine
  • Freeing ourselves from reactive and unproductive habitual responses
  • Practicing of inner stopping and non-doing
  • Development of alert stillness and the quickening of the conscious mind
  • Awakening and increasing the reliability of the senses
  • Discovering the psycho-physical integrity of the human being
  • Developing profound and powerful strength in coherent movement
  • Expanding and evolving the impulse of the life force

In harmony with gravity
The functions of postural support and breathing, when well coordinated in harmony with the structure of the human body, synergize and support each other as most small children naturally demonstrate. Over time, as we learn to navigate and meet the demands of our complex modern society we develop unconscious habits that interfere with the integrity of this coordination.

As we get older our habits become more rigidly embodied, giving rise to the common experience of life as a losing battle against gravity. In truth the battle is not with gravity but with ourselves; gravity can be our ally not our enemy. In harmony with gravity, our ability to age gracefully is greatly enhanced.  The Alexander Technique shows us how our inherent rebound response to gravity can give us a lightness and freedom in movement naturally supported by and coordinated with our breathing throughout our lives.